Project / Daniel Green, US / UK
Task / Book Design, Personal Brand & Visual Identity Design
Client / Astra Worldwide, Hong Kong
Year / 2008
Strategic writing by Vernon Adrian Emuang

We assisted Daniel Green, an international celebrity TV chef, with his personal branding after being invited to redesign three of his popular cookbooks.


A leading expert in healthy eating, Daniel’s new brand as ‘The Model Cook’ is designed to reflect both his life mission and personality: a desire to share the many ways to create a simple, delicious, and healthy gourmet culinary experience—all through his authentic British charm and intelligence.

The strength of Daniel’s brand is bolstered by his personal testimony as an obese teenager who successfully lost weight through the proven practices that he now wants to share with the public. 

His brand is also crafted to pay tribute to his previous role as a top male model working for premium labels.


Our work for Daniel’s branding strategy involved looking into his strategic positioning, key messages, logo, and typography. The effort resulted in a visual identity guideline to ensure consistent application across all platforms.

Daniel Green Guidelines_Page_12_2.jpg

From Model Cook to model mentor

Daniel’s brand as the The Model Cook is subsequently refined to focus on delivering knowledge about everyday foods and educating end-users on healthy eating habits that can help them feel better or manage their weight.

It is about re-educating end-users a whole new way of thinking when it comes to food.
If one eats the right food, one should feel energised.
— Daniel Green