Project / Publicity materials for Embassies in Malaysia
Task / Visual Design
Client / The Australian High Commission / Japan Foundation / Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Year / 2004–2007


Besides our work for the British High Commission and The British Council, we have designed publicity materials for special events on behalf of several foreign embassies and cultural bodies in Malaysia.


The Australian High Commission

Name generation and logo

MyOz, a name coined by our design team, is a cultural programme comprising performing and visual arts from Australia. There were also talks, workshop sessions, and panel discussions by Malaysian and Australian artists and curators under the In Conversation Series.
Lead Designer / James Wong

Approved name and logo.

Approved name and logo.

One of the shortlisted design concepts.

One of the shortlisted design concepts.


The MyOz direct mailer, which contained details of events held from September to December 2007, also doubled up as a poster when opened to its full size. These were the years before e-blasts and social media gained traction. 

whwWeb_Australia_MyOz_Sep_Dec _5105.jpg
whwWeb_Australia_MyOz_Sep_Dec _5106.jpg
whwWeb_Australia_MyOz_Sep_Dec _5108.jpg

Another direct mailer which also became a poster when folded out. 


Japan Foundation

Many posters and leaflets were produced to promote Japan Foundation’s activities over the years.
Lead Designers / William Harald-Wong and Evey Kwong

whwWeb_Japan_Contemporary Posters.jpg
whwWeb_Japan_Poster_Annual Grant.jpg
whwWeb_Japan_Poster_Asian Intellectuals_border.jpg

German Embassy 

On the occasion of the 14th Anniversary of German Unity (between East and West Germany), the German Embassy and various German institutions in Malaysia collaborated to conduct a series of events during German Month 2004. The programme comprised concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, talks, open days and other activities, including Oktoberfest.
Lead Designer / William Harald-Wong


whwWeb_German Month_Folded Poster.jpg
whwWeb_German Month_Leaflet_4442.jpg
whwWeb_German Month_Leaflet_open_front_4446.jpg
The programme—for the record. 

The programme—for the record.