Project / Yong Tai, Melaka
Task / Logo & Visual Identity Design, Brand Positioning, CI Guidelines and Corporate Brochure
Client / Yong Tai Berhad
Year / 2016

Yong Tai Berhad is a public-listed company that has tourism-related property development as its core business, although it also diversifies into several other segments, including management services, consultancy, hospitality and leisure, tourism and wellness.

Primarily operative in Melaka, some of its best-known ventures are Jaya 99, the first modern corporate tower in the state; and the ongoing Impression City project—a self-contained resort destination that houses Impression Melaka, the latest addition to the world-renowned performing arts series, Impression, which was co-founded by prominent Chinese directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. Impression City also has hotels, residences, shopping malls, commercial lots and educational facilities.

Our team designed the logo and positioning for this visionary company.

Logo and visual identity

We interviewed Mr Boo Kuang Loon, the CEO of Yong Tai Berhad, and his stories inspired the design of the logo and visual identity. The logo reflects Yong Tai’s philosophy and corporate values, and its positioning is encapsulated by Mr Boo’s own words: Dare to dream. Dare to do, an attitude that best attests to Yong Tai’s remarkable rise in the corporate world.


The symbol in the logo, which we refer to as the ‘ecosystem’, is based on structures in nature. It represents an expanding network that connects and provide opportunities to all of Yong Tai’s stakeholders, with Yong Tai being the core catalyst.



We explored various ways in which the Yong Tai logo and symbol can be applied together with relevant messages for different business sectors.

Pages from Yong Tai’s visual identity guidelines

Pages from Yong Tai’s visual identity guidelines





Corporate brochure

The corporate brochure shares information regarding Yong Tai’s profile and aspirations moving forward, but more importantly, it also expands on one of the company’s driving dreams: Impression City.