Project / Little Vietnam & Cố Ðô
Task / Logo & Visual Identity Design including stationery, menus, uniforms and all items required for a restaurant; Signage and Interior Graphics
Client / Forte Premier
Year / 2005
Lead Designer_Catherine Low
Photography / Hilton Photographers (Little Vietnam) & Staek Photography (
Cố Ðô)
In collaboration with Q Jade Saw Architects

Our studio has been designing brand identities for restaurants and food kiosks since the early 1990s. Our first restaurant was Malibu. We tore and glued overlapping pieces of translucent coloured tissue paper to create seafood and seaside images—every menu and wine list was handmade and unique.

Although design for F&B is not our primary work, we are confident we can create (with passion and intelligence) a strong concept and a fresh perspective for your brand.
— William Harald-Wong

The Downstairs–Upstairs StorY

The visual identity and ambience of a restaurant plays a crucial role in conveying its concept and aspiration to its diners; and this is especially true in the case of two Vietnamese restaurants—one situated downstairs, and the other upstairs—each offering a different culinary experience for its customers.

Located adjacent to the cineplex at Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, Little Vietnam has been in operation for more than five years before we transformed the downstairs restaurant into a ‘fast-delivery’ noodle shop to cater to the cinema crowd who are usually in a hurry.

Cố Ðô on the other hand, located above Little Vietnam, offers a leisurely fine dining experience for its patrons to savour the distinctive flavours of Hue cuisine—also known as ‘Royal’ cuisine, the food of the Imperial Court. Hue culinary traditions demand that meals must be presented aesthetically, harmonising food elements, decorations and colours to create a gastronomic work of art; the branding and interior design reflect these aspirations.


Downstairs: Little Vietnam

LO4c_Little Vietnam.jpg
LV_Little Vietnam Signage & Motifs.jpg
LV_Sunburst Motif 6 & 7_pptres.jpg
Wrapping paper printed on metallic bronze, one of the colours specified for the restaurant’s identity

Wrapping paper printed on metallic bronze, one of the colours specified for the restaurant’s identity

LV_Little Vietnam_Frontage_j31.jpg
LV_Little Vietnam_Interior_from Above_j20.jpg

Photography that is professionally art-directed will capture the ambience of the restaurant, food images that are compelling and an experience one can look forward to.

PIX_Little Vietnam_Food_VF_01_pptres.jpg
PIX_Little Vietnam_Food_VF_05_pptres.jpg
PIX_Little Vietnam_Food_VF_06_pptres.jpg
PIX_Little Vietnam_Food_VF_07_pptres.jpg
PIX_Little Vietnam_Food_VF_02_pptres.jpg
PIX_Little Vietnam_Food_VF_04_pptres.jpg


Upstairs: Cố Ðô

LOsp_Codo_corrected 2017.jpg
CoDo_Interior 1_j28_EDT_pptres.jpg
CoDo_Interior 2_j9_EDT.jpg