Project / Our Land Within: Passages through Southeast Asian Communities
Task / Book Design
Client / Beagle Books
Year / 2011
Details / 10.25" x 12", 224 pages
Text_Liew Suet Fun / Photography_SC Shekar

Southeast Asia is a physical space marked by sky, water and land. Within this space, 11 nations live in peaceful co-existence. It is a space marked by breathtaking ethnic diversity; a space that astonishes, inspires and confounds the traveller yet endows its society with unusual capacity to embrace a bewildering range of experiences.
— Our Land Within: Passages through Southeast Asian Communities

A book that guides the readers on a journey into our complex society through four chapters: music, cuisine, belief and physical space. It offers a rare, intimate glimpse from the within, giving voice to a people while narrating the flux of history that shaped their lives.

The book is also a collection of personal narratives that both illustrates and celebrates the link that these Southeast Asian communities share through their habits, food, music, etc. It is a tribute to a bond that stretches across physical borders—a demonstration of how connected we all are in this region.