Client / William Harald-Wong & Associates
Task / Self Promotion (Selected Works)
Year / 1999–Current


Sydney design 99

Design & Typography / William Harald-Wong


POSTCARD 1 — Guanyin

I was a speaker at the Sydney Design 99 International Congress and I designed this set of three postcards to be given away at the Congress to promote my talk at a small art gallery on the following day.

The image was a photograph I had taken some years back—a sticker on the windscreen of a parked car in Penang. The car owner pasted a sticker of Guanyin (a bodhisattva, also known as the Goddess of Mercy) in the dead centre of a Shell petrol sticker.

PORT_hires_whw_Design Talks_KuanYin_front.jpg
PORT_hires_whw_Design Talks_KuanYin_back.jpg


POSTCARD 2 — Creation

I shot this image in a Hindu temple at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur. The image was used for the poster promoting my lecture tour in India.

PORT_hires_whw_Design Talks_Creation_front.jpg
PORT_hires_whw_Design Talks_Creation_back.jpg

The image on the back of the postcard was shot in Mumbai, India. This restaurant’s signboard had two auspicious symbols; Ganesh, the Lord of Good Fortune and Remover of Obstacles who provides prosperity, fortune and success, and the Naga (sanskrit for ‘serpent’), a symbol of life-giving waters and fertility.

I observed there were many push-carts selling ‘Chinese food’ and was informed by my host that noodles were popular among the poorer class because it was affordable.


POSTCARD 3 — Spirits

This image was shot in Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB), juxtaposing a traditional Chinese altar with a painting on the wall of a building.

PORT_hires_whw_Design Talks_Ghost_front.jpg
PORT_hires_whw_Design Talks_Ghost_back.jpg


Design & Typography / William Harald-Wong


I had taken many photographs of Southeast Asia in the mid-90s and sometimes compile a set of related images and print posters for my lecture tours. I spent hours poring over colour slides searching for similarities and uniqueness among the diverse cultures of the region. Shooting on film requires a disciplined, considered approach—I believe one becomes more mindful of things unfolding before you.

PORT_hires_Poster_Border Crossings_front.jpg

more to come...