Bruce Head

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After more than 30 years of working in Australia and Malaysia, Bruce finally formed a partnership, BT&T, with prominent Malaysian interior designer, Ben Tan, and architect, Colin Tan.

Having known Bruce for a long time (sometimes as a competitor when he was design director at PICO), we successfully collaborated on one of BT&T’s first projects, the E&O Visitor Centre in 2017.
— William Harald-Wong
E&O Visitor Centre, Straits Quay, Penang (2017).

E&O Visitor Centre, Straits Quay, Penang (2017).


Through an exciting career spanning continents and design parameters with a passion for architecture, interior design, museum, visitor centre design, interpretive interactive design, and events, Bruce has developed key skills in the fields of interactive storytelling as well as commercial and public space interior design within Australia and Southeast Asia. He has successfully run design studios in Malaysia and Australia for over 21 years. 

With a holistic understanding of how to bring a strong interpretation of the client's brief and design concepts to life, Bruce’s work has spanned the globe. His management and marketing skills have also successfully helped his clients maintain strong competitive marketing positions. 

Bruce specialises in advancing UX (user experience) design and audience engagement to create impact for his clients.

Bruce Head (CV)

Design Director
PICO International, Malaysia
1997—2016 (19 years)

Leading a large multi-disciplined design team in Malaysia has seen him heading projects nationally and internationally for various museums, national pavilions at world expos, corporate offices, retail interior, and events. Some highlights include the Malaysian Textile Museum, Miri Oil and Gas Museum, Brunei Oil and Gas Museum, Melaka Planetarium, Iskandar Visitor Centre, Malaysian Pavilion Milan 2015, Oceanic Pavilion World Expo Korea 2012, Indian Pavilion Korea 2012, Malaysian Pavilion Zaragoza 2008, and Malaysian Pavilion Hannover 2000.

Head & Grey Design
Sydney Area, Australia
1996—1997 (1 year)

Established a boutique architectural company together with his wife, Susie. The practice engaged in specialised residences, retail, and boutique interior fit-outs. Their work was featured in the design pages of various publications, such as Vogue, Belle, Lifestyle, and Design World Magazines.

Design Director
HFR Property Services
Sydney Area, Australia
1992—1995 (3 years)

While with HFR Property services as Design Director, Bruce took creative control of two massive urban developments: the creation of 145 residential blocks at Barnstaple Road, a medium density development in the historical suburb of Drummoyne; as well as of the Pacific Waves residential and commercial high-rise tower in Manly, a mixed use development within Australia’s famous beachside suburb.

Design Architect
Denton Corker Marshall
Sydney Area, Australia
1987—1990 (3 years)

Involved in medium to large-scale architectural and urban design projects. It was also with Denton Corker Marshall that Bruce obtained his first experience of a World Expo (Brisbane, 1988). He also designed the award-winning Queensland News Pavilion, Australia Post Pavilion, and Australia Capital Territory Pavilion. Other projects included the award-winning Moruya College of Technical and Further Education, Sydney Museum, and Sydney Maritime Museum


  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
  • Architectural and interior design for DEET offices in Marrickville Sydney
  • Feasibility and planning studies for various property developments

SELECTED projects by Bruce Head


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BT&T was established in 2016 between partners Bruce Head (Managing Director), Ben Tan (Group CEO), and Colin Tan (Executive Director).

Ben Tan, Group CEO
Ben Tan is the founder of the BT Group of Companies. He is one of Malaysia’s top interior designers, having designed many internationally acclaimed resorts, leisure facilities, and hotels for a high-end clientele. In the 1970s, Ben headed the design team at Bent Severin, and subsequently the Berjaya Group, completing many prominent projects in Malaysia and internationally.

Colin Tan, Design Director
Colin Tan is a Master of Architecture graduate from Perth, Australia, focusing on environmentally sustainable designs and architectural planning. He brings a youthful zest to the team.

The company has over 70 years of combined professional experience in architecture and design.

The following project lists combine the work of Bruce and Colin...

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