Project / The Eye Project
Task /  Concept, design, photography & illustration
Client / Shriro Paper
Year / mid-90s
Concept and Lead Designer / William Harald-Wong
Photographer / William Harald-Wong
Illustrations / WHW Studio


A booklet that explores the science of seeing (‘A Sense of Sight’), and popular beliefs and folklore about how we see (‘A Train of Thought’).

The two topics are differentiated in the page spread by being arranged upside-down to the other, while the centre of the booklet presents in comic-book form, a scientific explanation of what happens when a photon—a basic particle of light energy—enters the eyeball.


PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_Cover_Sight_upside-down.jpg
PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_Cover_Thought.jpg
PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_A Train of Thought.jpg
PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_A Sense of Sight_upside-down.jpg
PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_Eye Types.jpg
PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_Monkey.jpg
PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_Spouses.jpg
PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_Maori.jpg
PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_Sickness.jpg
PORT_hires_Shriro Eye_Centrespread.jpg