Project / twentyfive.7, Kota Kemuning
Task / Visual Identity Design, Brand Communications
Client / Gamuda Land
Year / 2017

twentyfive.7 is a stylish development spanning 257 acres and centred on The Quayside, a creative retail hub, and residences with innovative architectural features.

We created a distinctive brand image that reflects the personality of twentyfive.7. While we did not design the logo—we believe it was created by the architectural firm—we developed the visual identity based on the architect’s three-dimensional folding planes designed as a unifying motif for the development. Our folding motifs took its cue from the unique landscaping of twentyfive.7, where the area is to be sculpted into a folded landscape, giving it a funky and unique look. 

The colour scheme—a combination of black, fuchsia, bronze, white, and grey—conveyed the right sentiments for twentyfive.7, a sleek elegance that is also passionate and vivacious.

These elements were incorporated in the teaser video, retail leasing brochure, marketing collaterals, and continue to be used as a defining style of the development as work for twentyfive.7 continues in 2017. 

Designing for twentyfive.7 is like aiming at a moving target, with constant fine-tuning of concepts and architecture due to the challenging market conditions.
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