Project / Pavilion Residences II, Kuala Lumpur
Task / Rebranding, Brand Strategy & Communications
Client / Kuwait Finance House
Year / 2007
Photos_Staek Photography

Project / Pavilion Residences I, Kuala Lumpur
Task / Brand Strategy & Communications, Sub-brand
Client / Pacific Star (Singapore)
Year / 2009–2010

Pavilion Residences II was the first to launch, followed by Pavilion Residences I.

Both projects in collaboration with DTZ Malaysia



We joined the project midway, taking over from an advertising agency, to reassess the residence’s brand positioning and to come up with a new strategy to boost sales.

The previous campaign was built around the tagline, ‘Six-Star Excellence’, but we felt that the focus on luxury, status (and quality finishes) was redundant as these were expected for luxury properties.

Our new positioning seemed preposterous at first glance—that Jalan Bukit Bintang is equal in status to some of the world’s most desirable streets / districts, such as Ginza, Fifth Avenue or nearby Orchard Road.

However, our line of reasoning is based on this: traditionally, every country has only one capital city (not a newly created 'administrative capital’), and within the capital city, there is only one ‘High Street’ or main street where all the luxury brands converge.

And that, for Malaysia, is Jalan Bukit Bintang. 



With newly commissioned photographs, we created a simple postcard to position the street below Pavilion Residences as the mecca of luxury brands in Kuala Lumpur. This is supported by Louis Vuitton’s decision to locate its flagship store just across the street from Pavilion (photos, below).

Armed with this new positioning, an advertisement, a postcard, and a property talk in Singapore, Pavilion Residences II was sold out within 2–3 months to buyers from 25 countries.



The marketing of Residences I leveraged heavily on the success of Residences II.

We introduced The Uber Collection, a new sub-brand comprising Pavilion Residences I’s most expensive units: the ‘Sky Villas’ and ‘Sky Palaces’, in a lavish black brochure. The Uber Collection offers a slew of privileges, including membership at the Marina at Keppel Bay in Singapore.

The lower units were presented in an equally lavish white brochure.