Project / Malacca: Voices from the Street
Task / Book Design
Client / Lim Huck Chin & Fernando Jorge (self-published)
Year / 2006
Details / 8" x 10.5", 368 pages

We began by listening to the voices of ordinary Malaccans. We listened to the city’s streets, as we searched out hidden corners and abandoned alleyways. Listened to houses and temples, ruins and cemeteries. Even to the murmurs and whispers of empty spaces. We listened at every turn, at every step. To the living and the dead. The past and the present. In the hope the story of an extraordinary place and its people would be told. And we heard them speak.
— Malacca: Voices from the Street

A book that explores the history and stories of 20 streets in Malacca. This well-researched book was a welcome alternative to the coffee-table picture books.   

The authors, Lim Huck Chin and Fernando Jorge, are architects; and were part of a team which restored a Dutch-period shophouse in Malacca into a heritage resource centre. 

We worked closely with Huck Chin throughout the whole process, poring over a thousand images and pages of stories to deliver a tome that simultaneously celebrates and evokes the eternal spirit of Malacca and its people.

whw_Book_Malacca_Heeren Street_scan.jpg