Project / Serai
Task / Wayfinding & Signage
Client / Bandar Raya Developments Berhad (BRDB)
Year/ 2015–2016


Serai is one of the most luxurious condominiums in the upscale Bangsar neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur. The smallest unit has a space of 4,000 sq ft (costing around RM7 million) while the largest unit stands at a royal 12,000 sq ft.

The interior is elegant with a quiet opulence, and our signage design is appropriately understated, using simple three-dimensional or relief forms set against highly textured materials. Luxury is, after all, in the details.

whwWeb_Serai_Building (144001)_EDT.jpg
whwWeb_Serai_Entrance Statement (144107).jpg
whwWeb_Serai_Drawing_Pictographs_pg 8_cropped.jpg
whwWeb_Serai_Directional_Wall (1100635).jpg
whwWeb_Serai_G on Wall (1100506).JPG
whwWeb_Serai_Arrow (1100471).jpg
whwWeb_Serai_Mail Room_Grid.jpg
whwWeb_Drawing_Mail Room_pg 18_EDT.jpg
whwWeb_Serai_Mail Room (1100560)_EDT.jpg
whwWeb_Serai_Toilet_Male (1100606).jpg
whwWeb_Serai_Toilet_Female (1100614).jpg
whwWeb_Serai_Toilet_OKU (1100619).jpg