Project / City of Elmina
Task / Brochures & other marketing materials
Client / Sime Darby
Year / 2013-2015
In collaboration with Reedworks
Logo / logotype & Advertising by Ogilvy RedWorks
8 Elements of Wellness development concept by Sime Darby team


The City of Elmina is a 5,000-acre township dedicated to the pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle based on eight elements of wellness tangible in all aspects of life in Elmina: social, environmental, intellectual, family, occupational, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The township will encompass a 300-acre park extending from 1,500 acres of open green spaces and a 90km cycling and jogging track.

Four creative companies were brought together by the client to work on Elmina: Ogilvy Redworks (Creative Realisation), WHW & Associates (Design), Mindshare (Media Strategy), and a digital agency.

We were advised, “Don’t just meet at Sime Darby when we call you. Continue working on Elmina outside... anytime... at Starbucks, etc.”

I believe that the only way a powerful, integrated brand can be achieved is when all creative partners are on the same page. My last experience of this collaborative approach was with hp (Hewlett-Packard), when creative partners from around the world flew into Singapore to get to know each other.
— William Harald-Wong

Focusing on design, our team created a range of marketing and communication collaterals, particularly for Elmina Gardens (one of the residential districts in the City of Elmina) with its 10 neighbourhoods. This includes brochures, billboards, sales gallery panels, invitations, buntings, as well as online materials.

Elmina Cover.jpg
whwWeb_Elmina_Brochures (Fan)_4552.jpg
When Elmina was launched, the take-up rate was so high (and sales so ‘fast and furious’) that we had to design 5 brochures (each with 32–36 pages, one for each neighbourhood) within the span of 3 months.
— William Harald-Wong