Project / Mall of Medini
Task /  Logo and Visual Identity Design, Brand Positioning, Wayfinding and Signage
Client / UEM Land / Nusajaya Lifestyle
Year / 2012


The Mall of Medini is a family-oriented lifestyle mall which serves as the main entrance to the LEGOLAND® theme park. It is located in the heart of Nusajaya (renamed as Iskandar Puteri) in Johor, Malaysia; and is just 15 minutes from Singapore.

Play is a child’s work and their way of trying out new skills, whilst perfecting others. Providing a box of random pieces of lego and unstructured time is essential to ignite their imagination and develop their creativity.
— Dr. Maryhan Baker (

Dr Baker’s insight inspired our brand positioning for the Mall of Medini. Besides LEGOLAND®, the Mall was to have an Outdoor Xtreme Park and an Indoor Interactive Hub. The visual identity that we developed for print and signage applications revolved around the idea of “flights of imagination”—where everyone and everything can fly—and the tagline “Live it Up!”

LO4c_Mall of Medini_Primary (o).png
LO4c_Mall of Medini_Primary_tagline (o) for Web.png

MoM_Selected Characters_with text.png


MoM_Main Identity-Food (Resized)_Artboard 1.png
MoM_Main Identity_Artboard_white.png
MoM_Main Identity_Artboard_peach.png
MoM_Ad_Thank You.jpg

MoM_Hoarding_Delicious Flights.png
MoM_Indoor Facade_Anchor 1 (o) OUTPUT.jpg
MoM_Interior Hoarding_G9 (o)_OUTPUT-1.jpg


DSC_0640 copy.jpg


schematic drawings

00_MoM_Cover of Document.png
02_MoM_Wayfinding Master_Grd Flr Plan.png
06_MoM_LS_Landmark Sign_Colours & Lighting.png
13_MoM_SP_No Parking & Clamp Zone.png
20_MoM_PS_Signpost 1.png
22_MoM_WS_Protruding Sign_Toilets_Tech.png
09_MoM_PY_Entrance Pylon_3D_front.png

info desk

The original design with two propeller fans and a clock which takes on the Mall’s visual identity was not executed due to budget constraints. 

The original design with two propeller fans and a clock which takes on the Mall’s visual identity was not executed due to budget constraints. 

PIX_MoM_Info Counter_centre_0961_pptres.jpg
MoM_Reception Counter_Side_0962.jpg
MoM_Info Counter_Tech Drawing 1.png



PIX_MoM_Sign_Street Pole_0510_edited_pptres.png
MoM_Sign_Management Office_0520.jpg



MoM_Sign_Loading Bay_0542.jpg


MoM_Interior Hoarding_G21 (o) OUTPUT.jpg
MoM_International Leaflet_v7 1.png
Mall of Medini promotional leaflet. 

Mall of Medini promotional leaflet. 


UPDATE (as of Nov 2017)

The Mall of Medini did not live up to its grand ambitions. While the Mall did do fairly well when LEGOLAND® opened its doors, business flagged when LEGOLAND® made another access way a few years later, allowing visitors an option to bypass the Mall.

The sparse working population in Iskandar Puteri is also detrimental to the retailers’ survival, and as a result of these, many of the malls’ tenants have closed. Nonetheless, the venue has recently been given a new lease of life, hosting art festivals and other cultural events; and may yet realise its potential in the near future, albeit reduced in scale.