Project / Quintessential Sutra
Task / Book Design
Client / Sutra Foundation
Publisher / Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia
Year / 2014
Details / 11" x 11.5", 200 pages
Photography_A. Prathap
Forewords by Datuk Lim Chong Keat & Dr Dinanath Pathy


Ten years after the first book, Ramli–The Heart of Sutra, Sutra Foundation returns with Quintessential Sutra to capture Sutra Dance Theatre’s creative forays and collaborations under its artistic director, Ramli Ibrahim.

Sutra’s artistic ventures span the local and the international; the traditional and the modern; the indigenous and the urban. The most revealing images are those depicting the persona of performers on stage in the midst of their performances, contrasted with their candid vulnerability in preparation before a performance. 

Quintessential Sutra retains the same elegant ITC Bodoni typeface and typographic direction but instead of the earlier black-and-white images and Sutra's trademark fire red, this second volume unleashes through the photographs an explosion of vibrant colours.


LINK to the first book