Project / Xepa sp
Task / Rebranding, Brand, Logo & Identity Design, CI Guidelines
Client / Xepa sp
Year: 2006
In collaboration with Brandhub

WHW & Associates was first requested to design the logo and identity for Xepa Soul-Pattinson in the mid-90s, more than 10 years back. In 2006, we were brought in again to help the newly renamed Xepa sp revise and revitalise its brand identity when it broke ranks with its Australian partner, Soul Pattinson.

In redesigning Xepa sp’s brand identity, we organised a session (carried out by Brandhub) that included questionnaires and interviews with stakeholders to help us better understand Xepa sp’s vision, mission, core values, attributes as well as personality as we reposition its brand.

We also considered their ambition to compete with other multinational conglomerates, and reworked the building blocks of their visual branding to reflect that. The ‘sunburst’ motif—representing optimism, healing, knowledge, and leadership—was introduced to increase visual impact as well as to act as a rallying flag for Xepa sp’s new programme of public lectures.


Special attention was given to Xepa’s packaging and cartons as they were the most visible marketing tool and representation of the company. We undertook a detailed analysis of various packaging so that we can reorganise the different types of essential information, and to facilitate the scheduled redesign of all packaging.

One of the results of our work is the creation of 66 versions of Xepa sp’s logo, catering to the range of circumstances in which the logos may appear. The different versions are particularly vital to help solve reproduction problems in packaging, where the logo may appear in an exceptionally small size, on rough surfaces (e.g. tablets/pills), or reproduced using coarser printing processes (e.g. silk-screening or flexography).